Time for a well overdue update

Greetings all

Well, I realize I haven’t updated this project in .. well too long, so I thought I would give you a quick update on the status of Trader.


Trader is currently undergoing a complete engine redesign, along with formalization of the Game Design documentation, back story as well as creation of all new assets (graphics and audio) required. ¬†While (other than this update) I won’t be posting any screenshots or other examples of this work at this time, once the design documentation and initial concept art is complete they will be added.


More to come …

Updated Station Screenshots

Just some quick updated screenshots showing the station ‘level’ WIP

Changes and Improvements


The past couple of weeks have seen some (lot) changes to ‘Trader’

No longer does the system start new players in-space, but now actually starts all new players on the ‘Starting System Station’ level allowing the player to upgrade their ship, purchase their commodities etc before tackling the dangers and risks found ‘out in the galaxy’

Yes, some screenshots are coming along with some newer Tech videos showing this in action.

… Please Stand By …

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